Matt Moran

Matt Moran getting ready to analyze a tank of enriched air
Matt Moran

Matt started diving in 1987 in the Great Lakes area and after a few years of cold water, he moved on to the warmer waters of the Caribbean. After a first visit to Cozumel in 1995, where he enjoyed the crystal clear waters much better than those near his hometown of Chicago, he visited for longer and longer trips. He eventually found himself working as a dive instructor in Belize, and shortly after that, he was back in Mexico. After 6 months working for a cave diving and exploration facility that was involved with National Geographic and the Discovery Channel mapping caves, he moved to Cozumel and now makes it his permanent home.

Matt is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and in addition to teaching PADI core programs up to Divemaster, he is also qualified to teach a number of specialty courses. Matt has worked with Blue Angel since 2000, and has this to say: “Over the past 11 years working for Blue Angel, I have had the luxury of watching it grow into what I believe to the the best dive facility in Cozumel. Having this wonderful job allows me to practice my passion on a daily basis, be it teaching students how to dive, or working as a guide on Cozumel’s beautiful reefs.”


3 thoughts on “Matt Moran

  1. Hi Matt ,it is fun having this cool new thing that only I can do we are going to go to the pool again and practice SKILLS just for the fun of it my parents are very proud and I coulden’t thank you more hapy memos

  2. Hello Matt! Charlie Tina and Jacob coming back to dive with you again in June, Hope all is well! Look forward to seeing you guys again!

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