What’s up this month?


Can you believe it? Fall is here! On the island that means a bit of rain, and that’s about it. Water is still warm, it’s still wonderfully sunny and we are still here, waiting for you. We’ve already revamped our divemaster and Assistant Instructor programs to get you started; more ways for you to change your lifestyle and find your scuba zen. You can read about those programs here!


PADI Specialty of the Month logo

The Specialty of the Month for October is Night Diver. The underwater world is different at night, but no less exciting! New critters, different behaviour from your old favourites, and a wonderfully enticing new environment. As a bonus in October, around the full moon you may seen coral spawning on a night dive – awesome! Learn how to night dive safely, do some navigation, and learn about what it is you are seeing while you’re there! As with all your training, this is all designed to make your diving safer, more comfortable, and FUN! Just send us an email to get your course scheduled.

octopus at night
octopi are active at night, and they’re awesome!

At Blue Angel Scuba School, our goal is provide you with the best service we possibly can, while improving your dive skills and your overall experience. What does that mean to you? We’re featuring Peak Performance Buoyancy and AWARE Fish ID – all year! We want you to be confident, proficient divers who have a great time underwater. Check the links above for details about the courses, or ask us!

Not sure you’re ready for an entire specialty program? These can also be done as single adventure dives, to go toward your Advanced Open Water Diver program; just ask us how!

To schedule one of these programs or get more information email us at info@blueangelresort.com!

Blue Angel Scuba School has joined a growing number of ocean-loving dive shops in supporting the Project AWARE program. We are “100 percent AWARE” and that means we have committed to making a monthly contribution to the organization, and now all of our students will receive a special edition certification card. Read more here!

PADI Green Star Award Blue Angel Cozumel

DAN Divers Alert Network - Scuba Diving and Dive Safety Association


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