PADI Deep Diver

As recreational divers, we are subject to the maximum limit of 130 feet.  Few of us have the training to be prepared for what happens at those extreme depths.  Increased pressure, limited light penetration, narcosis and colder water can combine to add a challenge to divers of any experience level.  The Deep Diver Specialty teaches divers to deal with environmental, physiological, psychological and equipment considerations when reaching the depth limits. Training is conducted in discussion sessions and over four open water dives.

Cost:  $389 + Tax
Includes: PADI Deep Diver manual, 2 x 2-tank boat dives, use of all necessary equipment and certification costs
Prerequisite: Advanced Open Water Diver or Adventure Diver; at least 15 years old
Recommended materials: PADI Deep Diving video, underwater light, slate with pencil, dive computer

To schedule your program or to get more information email us at!


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