PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy

PADI PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCYStudent diver at Blue Angel Scuba School during Peak Performance Buoyancy course
Who hasn’t watched their instructor or divemaster move effortlessly through water, and finish the dive with what seems like all of their air?  The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course is designed to polish your dive skills beyond what you learned in Open Water class, and to enhance your buoyancy control abilities.  You will practice proper weight check techniques, proper trim, visualization, and how to fine-tune your buoyancy.  And you’ll have fun!  Training will be conducted in brief discussion sessions, and over two open water dives from shore, that will include some buoyancy games.

Cost:  $169 + Tax
Includes: PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy manual, use of all necessary equipment, and certification costs
Prerequisite: Open Water Diver (or OW student taking Peak Performance Buoyancy course concurrently); at least 10 years old
Recommended materials: Peak Performance Buoyancy DVD

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