Open Water Referrals

If you began your scuba certification with a dive shop near you and now want to complete your Open Water training dives in the beautiful warm waters of Cozumel’s Caribbean Sea, Open Water Referral is the perfect choice for you. It’s the final step in certification once your knowledge development and confined water training are completed.

By completing those portions prior to your tropical vacation, you eliminate the need for “book work” while enjoying the sun! You will meet with your instructor and review what you learned in class, then you’ll hit the water. Over a minimum of two days, four dives will be completed (two dives from shore, two from the boat!) where the skills learned in confined water will be evaluated. Upon successful completion of those four dives, a PADI Open Water Diver certification will be issued; you will be a certified diver!

Great service, PADI standards, training focused on safety and fun, right here in sunny, warm Mexico!

view of the open water training area at blue angel scuba school, cozumel
This could be your classroom (photo credit: Ross Lockwood)

Many people come to us as PADI Open Water Diver referrals, having completed their knowledge development and confined water sessions back home.  Our PADI instructors can take you through that final phase of full certification, by completing your 4 required open water dives here in the beautiful Cozumel Marine Park.

Cost:  $249 + Tax
Includes: use of all necessary equipment, 2 shore dives and 2 boat dives (1 x 2-tank trip), and certification costs.

To schedule your Open Water Referral dives, email us at!

If you are an e-Learner, or want to do the complete Open Water program, click here for details on those programs.


Are you a dive shop that sometimes has students ask “Where should I go to finish my certification in Cozumel?” Contact us for more information!


We receive a number of referrals each year from Edmonton, Alberta. Here is what Ocean Sports Store Manager, Megan Plemel, had to say about us:

As a dive shop manager in Canada, every winter I see many of our customer wanting to escape the cold and snow for warmer climes!  Our customers often ask us for recommendations on dive resorts in the Caribbean, and one of our favourite destinations to recommend is Blue Angel Scuba School on Cozumel, in Mexico.  Safety and fun are the top priorities for scuba training through Ocean Sports, and we know that any of our divers that head to Blue Angel will receive the same quality instruction and experience once in Mexico.  The instructors at Blue Angel are incredibly knowledgeable, very organized, and maintain PADI standards at the highest level.  They offer a wide range of experience to divers in terms of training, from the beginner “Open Water Referral” to more technical or professional level courses.  Referrals are straightforward and end with newly-certified divers who can go on to safely explore the underwater world!  Our divers return from Blue Angel Scuba School happy and excited to dive!ocean sports logo, edmonton alberta


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