Exciting announcement!

We have an announcement; two actually.

First we’d like to say thank you and bon voyage to the wonderful Juan Pablo Maturana. He joined us in January, and we knew that he would be with us for the winter season only, as he had plans to visit and teach in New Zealand in May. What we didn’t realize was how well he would fit into the Blue Angel family while he was here! Always with a smiling face, JP was a helpful hard-worker ready to pitch in to make your experiences wonderful. While he was with us, JP achieved one of his “goals for growth” by meeting the requirements for his Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating, and we congratulate him on that accomplishment!

We will miss him, and we certainly wish him well. More happy photos of JP and his students can be viewed here!

Blue Angel resort
Juan Pablo with Willie on the last day

And now for the exciting announcement; we think we have found the perfect replacement! Help us welcome our newest instructor, Norman McLiberty! You know Norman from his seven years of experience working at Blue Angel as a Divemaster, and you may have seen photos of his Assistant Instructor program here. He’s now an Open Water Scuba Instructor, and has already created some new divers. Welcome, Norman!

instructor at Blue Angel Scuba School
Congratulations, Norman!

One thought on “Exciting announcement!

  1. Great news for Norman & Blue Angel! Norman is one of the best DM I have ever dove with in over 14 years. Congrats Norman, I hope to dive with you again very soon!

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