Welcome Juan Pablo Maturana

Juan Pablo Maturana
Juan Pablo Maturana

JP is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. Spending most of his early childhood in the water as a competitive swimmer, he developed  a special relationship with water and the ocean, but it was not until his mid teens that he experienced SCUBA diving, something that would change forever his perception of life.  “It was the first time I saw God manifesting through all the sea creatures; it was a complete new world I had never seen.”  He soon realized he wanted to share his vision and inspire people and other divers and share the importance of taking care our Oceans.

JP is passionate about teaching recreational scuba courses and is also qualified to teach the following specialty courses: Enriched Air Diver, Deep Diver, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Wreck Diver, Gas Blender, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Equipment Specialist.

He is a FII Level 1 Free Diver and is also interested in surfing, underwater videography, photography and music production. Ask him about any of these subjects; he will happily share his experiences with you!


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