Green Star Award!

PADI Green Star Award Blue Angel CozumelWe have reached an important milestone! A few months ago we expressed our desire to show commitment to the aquatic environment when we became “100% AWARE.” We then began working toward the PADI Green Star Award, and are so excited to announce our award!

During our application process, we reviewed all aspects of our business at Blue Angel Resort, noted areas where we are already doing well, made some changes in some areas, and also identified areas for future improvements.

“Your achievement helps prove that green initiatives are both environmentally and commercially viable, and in turn helps promote green initiatives among other organizations. PADI would like to thank Blue Angel Resort, Dive Shop and Scuba School for the outstanding performance in initiating green, business and social responsibility practices! Once again, thank you for your support and your dedication to the environment.”

This Award reinforces our commitment to the conservation and the aquatic environment, and we want to thank you – our customers – for your support!

PADI Green Star Logo Blue Angel Scuba School


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