Blue Angel Staff get EFR Training!

Our mission here at Blue Angel is simple: to focus is on safety, professionalism, strict adherence to PADI standards, all while offering a fantastic, FUN experience for our students. In support of that, and as part of our ongoing commitment to you, our clients and guests, we recently held an Emergency First Response course for all staff to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on their CPR procedures.

blue angel scuba school classroom PADI EFR
this is our classroom!

All the familiar faces that you encounter on your dive boats were there: divemasters, boat captains, marineros.

Blue Angel divemaster practicing CPR
practicing CPR skills

The dive shop staff and front desk staff were also there. It’s unlikely that one would need to be able to assemble the oxygen kit with a towel wrapped around one’s head, but we wanted to be sure, just in case. The night watchman can do it in under two minutes!

Blue Angel Resort night watchman, setting up the emergency oxygen kit blindfolded
he can do this with his eyes closed

Thanks also to Eva for showing her commitment to all of us, by participating alongside the rest of the staff. We use state-of-the-art training materials; here is Eva with the manikin, which has lights to indicate if your compressions are the correct speed, and has an audible signal to indicate if they are deep enough. Cool tool.

PADI EFR CPR manikin
wonderful training device!

It was a long day, but when it was all finished, 15 of the amazing staff at Blue Angel Resort were up to date in their CPR procedures! Thank you to all of them for their attention, and thanks to YOU for supporting our commitment to safety by continuing to choose us as your Cozumel destination!

Want to learn more about our EFR program? Click here, or send us an email!


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