A triumphant moment!

We LOVE to hear from students. And we know some students have a more challenging time with scuba diving than others. We got this email recently from a young woman who overcame some serious issues during her Open Water course in February, 2012.

Here’s what she had to say:

Hello Kari!
I am currently at Hornby Island BC (third day, 7 dives in). And guess what?! today these words came out of my mouth “wow! I actually had a lot of fun that was a really amazing dive, I can’t wait to do the next one!” and I remembered you telling me that this day will come so I had to tell you!
I also want to thank you and Matthew for dealing with me and my fears as well as taking so much time to really help me out!

Congratulations, Dana, and thank you so much for the awesome note! We can’t wait to see you again.

Blue Angel Scuba School open water student, with Kari Taylor Atkins
Congratulations on earning your sea legs!

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