PADI Dives!

This week has been full of excitement here at Blue Angel; PADI is here on the island having a series of meetings with the Regional Managers from around the world. We were lucky enough to have some of them come dive with us last weekend, and we had a wonderful time!

We’ve got a few photos for you!

Here are Bob Coleman (PADI Vice President Sales, Retailer and Resort Associations) and Eva Rasmussen (Owner, Blue Angel Resort) enjoying a fun Saturday underwater!

Bob Coleman PADI Vice President Eva Rasmussen Blue Angel Scuba School
Bob Coleman, PADI Vice President, and Eva Rasmussen of Blue Angel

Robert Sievens is our PADI Regional Manager, and you know Kari!

Robert Sievens PADI Regional Manager Kari Taylor Atkins Blue Angel Scuba School
Robert Sievens, PADI Regional Manager and Kari Taylor Atkins of Blue Angel Scuba School

Eva, Mike, Gary, Wendy, our wonderful divemaster Norman, Robert, Bob and Gordon. Enjoying a nice relaxing drive to the beach for our surface interval.

Robert Sievens Gary Joyce Mike Kurczewski Gordon Apons Bob Coleman PADI Blue Angel Scuba School

Ahhh… This is what a day of diving is all about.

PADI Blue Angel Scuba School

Safety stop! Bob, Eva, Mike, Kari, Gary, Robert, Wendy and Gordon.

Bob Coleman Robert Sievens Gary Joyce Mike Kurczewski Kari Taylor Atkins Eva Rasmussen PADI Blue Angel Scuba School
Safety stop!

Thanks so much to our newest PADI friends! Regional Managers Mike Kurczewski, Gordon Apons, Gary Joyce (along with his lovely wife Wendy) and Robert Sievens, PADI Vice President Bob Coleman, and of course, our dueña Eva Rasmussen. What a wonderful weekend we had!

Gary Joyce Robert Sievens Bob Coleman Eva Rasmussen Gordon Apons Mike Kurczewski Blue Angel Scuba School PADI
Thanks for visiting!

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