We’re now 100% AWARE!

Project AWARE banner

We have just become the only 100% AWARE dive shop in all of Mexico
What does that mean? Well, it means a lot! A lot of great things. Blue Angel Scuba School is leading the way in shark protection and ocean garbage awareness in Mexico, and around the world. As dive professionals, we recognize the significance of ocean protection. We love the aquatic environment and want to do what we can to ensure its preservation so that we, and you, and everyone, can enjoy it for generations to come. We know YOU value the ocean as we do, and we respect and honor your commitment to “protect our ocean planet – one dive at a time.”

Project AWARE bannerBy becoming “100% AWARE” we have agreed to make a regular contribution to Project AWARE, and what YOU get is a special certification card! Each certification program conducted by Blue Angel Scuba School will now include the special edition version of the certification card, allowing you to show of your support also. It’s a win-win-win!

Click here to watch an awesome video sent to us by Project AWARE!

We are EXCITED about this! and we hope you are too. And check us out on this map!Map of Project AWARE dive shops in Mexico Click on the map to learn more about Project AWARE!


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