A GREAT Day at the Office!

We love to hear from our students. We love it even more when it’s because you’ve had a wonderful time with us! Thanks to Matthew Atkins and our divemaster trainee Michael Rogers for taking such good care of a recent guest! Here is what Karen had to say…

I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you to your dive shop, but especially to Matthew and Michael. I know sometimes we all say thanks, but what they did deserves a lot more than just that.

On Sunday, March 11, I was able to go through a discovery diving class with them, along with the daughter of a friend. The training I received from Matthew and Michael was superb. I had not qualms about going out for the dive and it was truly a dream come true for me as scuba diving has been on my bucket list as long as I can remember. Once we got through the amusing show of trying to put on a wet suit, it was truly a spectacular adventure.

I’ve been in the water all my life from swim teams to lifeguarding, but having the chance to stay down under the water and enjoy the incredible world down there was more than I could ask for. Yes, I’m hooked. Now to find a better job to support my new habit!!

I have already received an email from PADI regarding their online program and plan to pursue that here in Denver. Can you recommend any scuba shops here? I know that through Red Rocks Community College where I am taking some clases, they have an affiliation with Coral Reef Dive Center. If you know of another, please let me know.

Again, please pass on my thank you to Matthew and Michael for the great experience.

Karen Woodward
Denver, Colorado

Thanks for taking the time to write, Karen; we really appreciate it!


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