Well, Blue Angel Scuba School has been up and running since the beginning of January. It’s time we took a step to the side (never backward!) and gave a shout out to all the students we’ve seen since then!

For some, scuba is simple and for others, a certification represents a huge personal hurdle. Wherever you are on the spectrum, hip hip hooray to you!

Terry B, Colleen S, Andrea C, Leah H, John H, Jeffrey F, Alex L, Morgan L, Vicki K, Stephen R, Jennifer L, John R, Martha J, Carter N, Dominic A, Shannon K, Joe L, Aaron P, Gaylene N, Clint R, Brandon R, Heather D, Jessica M, Raymond G, Bill F, Jon I, Michaela B, Bob B, Chris D, Enrique F, Sarah M, Eric B, Ron R, Lee W, Cam G, Dana S, Scott F, Norlaine T, Jeff T, Nolan W, Christine J, Fred A, Thomas B, Andrea B, Debbie P, Walt P, Ross L, Sandra J, Daniel J, Andrew A, and Phuong B!

Between them, these individuals completed Open Water courses, OW Referrals, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diver, Enriched Air Diver, AWARE Fish Identification, Deep Diver, Emergency First Responder, and Emergency First Response Instructor. Add to that over 40 Discover Scuba Diving participants, and it’s a wonderful start to the year! We look forward to adding YOU to a future list – what is YOUR next course?

This could be your classroom, at Blue Angel Scuba School!
this could be your classroom…

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