Beach clean up January 2012: Complete!

Wow! As you may have read in this post or this post, we received a group of divers from Ocean Sports in Edmonton, Alberta this past week. One of the divers, Amy Walczak (check out Amy’s awesome blog!) is a very passionate ocean advocate, and she got the ball rolling to set up Blue Angel Scuba School’s first beach clean up.

pile of shoes found during beach clean up, Blue Angel, January 2012
someone helpfully piled up some shoes

Twelve intrepid souls headed to the east side of the island, unsure exactly what to expect as we’d never done this before… well, we found garbage. Lots and lots of garbage. On the one hand, it was so heart-warming to have our divers spend a valuable afternoon of their vacation doing this… on the other, what an awful display of just how thoughtless humans can be!

trash on the beach, Cozumel mexico east side
this, as far as the eye could see

As I posted on my facebook wall:
I’m asking each and every one of you to rethink every plastic fork, every spoon, every bottle, every straw, every pair of flip flops you ever buy, just to later toss. Every styrofoam container you bring home your leftovers in, every piece of plastic rope, every syringe, every computer monitor, every tire, every plastic laundry basket, each pail and yes, even those pesky vials of blood. True story.

All in all that day, we cleaned up a stretch of beach maybe a kilometer long. Twelve people in two hours removed 34 large bags of trash. As amazing as that is, we could have kept going had we not run out of bags…

Blue Angel January beach clean up group photoThe good news is those 34 bags are off the beach! The better news is we also have an event planned for February and next time, we’re bringing MORE BAGS!

Thanks so much to all who came out! and to Blue Angel Resort for providing snacks and transportation, to chac-choc tours for providing transportation and refreshments and to Atkins Scuba for providing refreshments. Also to Ocean Sports for their sponsorship of the event and their ongoing support!


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