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Blue Angel Dive Shop has been a fixture in Cozumel for over 20 years. It enjoys a great reputation as a solid facility with many repeat customers; happy divers. A few years ago Blue Angel Dive Shop was combined with the former Caribe Blu Hotel to become “Blue Angel Resort.” And now, we have a new and exciting venture!

PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Resort!
PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Resort!

Blue Angel Dive Shop & Scuba School is now a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Resort. This means that in addition to the great service and top-notch training you’ve become accustomed to, we are now offering Instructor Level training to our repertoire.

As always, our focus is on safety, professionalism, strict adherence to PADI standards, all while offering a fantastic, FUN experience for our students.

Blue Angel Scuba School logoWe are always open! email us any time at with all your questions, comments and suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

Visit the Blue Angel Resort website and check out package prices for hotel and diving!

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14 thoughts on “Blue Angel Scuba School

  1. Hey guys, Lore and I are coming in late May for our annual visit to see you.

    I’ve never asked, do you ever go over to the East side and dive ‘Galleons’? Just curious.

    See y’all in May!

  2. Hi Kari:
    Hoping to meet you in October.
    Do you ever go north to Baracuda or San Juan?
    In the past we had to make sure all on the boat were comfortable with those sites.
    Dennis (alias bluesteal from scubaboard)

  3. Hi, coming down March 3-9 staying at blue angels and plan on doing 4 days diving with u guys and a buddy! Super excited.. Semi new diver, 6 California Monterey dives and 4 French Polynesia. Looking forward to awesome Cozumel dives, drift dives? Night dives? What’s your best suggestions and should we book when we arrive? Also planning to buy bc/regulator before, I’m a cold guy u have full suit 3mm for rental? I have mask, fins, boots, flag, camara, bag etc. any other suggestions? Thanks do much! Ike

    1. Hi Ike,

      Looking forward to your party as well.
      As you mention, Cozumel is known for its drift dives. so you can have a very great experience with less effort.
      The Night dives are available during your stay, every Thrusday the trip will go out, but any other day will be available with 3 or more divers.
      If you’d like to book in advance, which help us with the operation, you can reach to get a quote or more details.
      As well, we have the gear in rental, at $6.00 USD per piece, wetsuits 3mm are available.

      Any other suggestion?Mmmmhh, keep that great vibe showing in the email so you can experience the best of your trip.
      If you have any more requests, please let me know.

      Blue Angel.

      1. Hello again, so my friend and I arrive in Cozumel 7:30 pm Monday. We will plan to do two dives Tuesday. Not super early…. See you soon!!

  4. How lucky we were to dive with Norman last week on a private tour, for we were the only two divers on the boat! We appreciate that very much. Also we liked the tours very very much, It was awesome! Norman took us to spectacular divesites and guided us nice and slow, so we had all the time of the world to enjoy the dives big time! Thank you Blue Angel for letting the boat go out for just us and thank you Norman for your patience and great Tour! Greats Esther en Bart, Holland

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